A True Dance Party Destination Wedding on Aruba

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Do you, your family and friends love to dance and feel the music? Is that the one thing that would really take your wedding reception to the next level? Here’s one idea for the bride and groom-to-be to consider.

In 2012 we had the pleasure to oversee a Destination Wedding on Aruba that was truly extraordinary. The bride and groom got, in addition to the DJ and Steelpan Band, a 5-man live band to spice things up. And lighting was arranged to create the best mood for an awesome party, like you can only have on Aruba. Though there were some small changes that needed to be made to fully accommodate this celebration, we have to say, it was a complete and total success!

After the lead vocalist introduced the couple and they had their first dance and the father-daughter and the mother-son dance, virtually every guest got off their chairs and onto the dance floor. Under the starry night sky, dancing in the salty air, were the laughs of everyone present. A truly lovely way to start their new life together filled with so much joy.

This wedding reception was held off-site to enable the party to go on a bit longer than it would be allowed on any local resort. If you are looking to host an open-air wedding reception with a late curfew, it’s important to have these details down.

If you are considering a resort, don’t forget to ask whether they have a cut-off time for live bands. In my experience some Aruba resorts have a 10 PM curfew for open-air functions, meaning the wedding reception might have to be shortened or moved inside. And the truth is, if you are coming down to Aruba you want to dance under the stars, feel the wind in your hair and make it an unforgettable night. Not spend the night indoors in a ballroom.

If that’s you, and you want to delight your guests with a true dance party on your destination wedding, then we’ve got the solution for you! We facilitate the process of arranging your off-site wedding on Aruba, help you hire the right vendors and get it all ready so you don’t have to worry about anything — just don’t forget your bathing suit for your stay here!

A unique and tailored wedding that’s is “so you!” is waiting on Aruba, get started right away with your initial consult!



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