About Us

We are a team of seasoned, professional wedding planners from around the world who have joined forces to provide our brides with a more comprehensive and personalized wedding solution to their destination wedding planning.  For too many brides interested in a destination wedding, their only resource until now has been to work with a travel agent selling them a location and an overworked onsite wedding coordinator at one of the myriad resorts that dot the landscape today. 

Some brides are only interested in the destination and the wedding itself is less important.  For them, an assembly line wedding works very well.  But for our bride who has a very different vision for her wedding, one that’s anything but cookie cutter and one size fits all, we’re a perfect fit.  Our bride is interested in every aspect of her wedding and she wants a partner by her side that’s as invested in her wedding as she is.

At Extraordinary Destination Weddings, it’s all about the details.  It might involve incorporating a treasured family heirloom into your wedding mix, or it might be as simple as adding an element of surprise to delight your guests at some point during the evening.  While a destination wedding will always be memorable, we want your ceremony and reception to be as memorable as the destination you choose for this most important day.
What makes us different is that we offer you the complete wedding team.  You will work closely with a local wedding planner that you’ll meet with to assist you with all of the pre-wedding planning and a second wedding planner in your destination wedding location that will ensure that all of your carefully crafted wedding details are executed to perfection.  At all times, your wedding team will be in communication with each other and with you to ensure that you truly do have the wedding you’ve always envisioned, one that is customized and personalized so that it truly is a reflection of who you are as a couple.

Whether it’s a wedding ceremony that respects your personal beliefs or religion, a carefully crafted menu  for you and your guests to enjoy at the reception, a special flower in your bouquet, or a vintage car to get you to the church on time, we’ll help you plan and oversee every single detail of your very special day.  

We’re also available to help you plan other activities such as bridal showers, rehearsal dinners or welcome home parties, and we can even arrange tours for you and your guests or help you plan the perfect honeymoon if that interests you.  Our resources are boundless and we know that when you work with us, your wedding won’t be ordinary, it will be extraordinary!!