Bahamas, Out Islands

Out Islands, Bahamas

Tia Seyfert Tia Seyfert

Tia is a certified wedding and event coordinator with current membership with the Bahamas Bridal Association, Weddings Beautiful Worldwide and she is endorsed by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Originally living in Nassau, New Providence the capital of The Bahamas, Tia moved to the island of Eleuthera after visiting in 2004 and fell in love. She worked as a full-time bank employee and had to plan and coordinate her own wedding in 2007 on the island of Eleuthera.

This experience inspired her passion for the untouched wedding industry for the Out Islands. There was no one at the time catering to the destination bridal couples for weddings or events. After seeking training and membership from the Association of Bridal Consultants, USA she started her business part-time in December, 2008. Since starting Tia has organized dozens and dozens of weddings and vow renewals on the island of Eleuthera.

Now that she is a full-time wedding and event coordinator, Tia is able to extend her creativity and passion to all of the out islands of The Bahamas for all bridal couples using natural inspiration, the vision of the bridal couple and of course her passion for her country. Although no wedding is the same, each couple walks away with great memories for the rest of their lives!

Best Reasons to Get Married or Have A Honeymoon in Out Islands, Bahamas!

1.The Beaches!

The beaches on the out islands of The Bahamas vary from island to island and are so beautiful. You can stroll on the pink sand beaches with hints of coral, powder-like white sand beaches or the most common golden beaches. All are available for you to stroll, strut, run and have fun on as the perfect backdrop to your wedding with an amazing view of the turquoise, blue and green ocean.

Bahamas, Out Islands

2. Junkanoo!

Liven up your wedding reception with a live Junkanoo band to play Bahamian Rake-N-Scrape, Calypso or Reggae music and dance to the beat of the cowbells, whistles and goat skin drums.extravagant street parade costumes and musicians make for a vibrant, unforgettable celebration like none other.

3. Venues!

Don’t want to be at a resort or hotel with hundreds of other tourists around? No problem! With over sixteen islands to choose from excluding private islands and cays, you can have an exclusive home rental, restaurant, historical site, garden and beach to yourself. Ofcourse you can still choose a 5-star resort should you want to. For the traditional brides, there is a church available in mostcommon denominations. We can transform any venue using our creativity and passion to bring your wedding vision to life.

Bahamas, Out Islands

4. Seafood!

How about a fresh Bahamian grilled grouper, buttered lobster, a delicious conch salad or better yet,shrimp cocktails? All fresh from the Bahamian waters during the good season. The lightly seasoned seafood dishes are always a favourite of many bridal couples visiting the islands because it is a unique dish. Many countries around the world actually import our seafood so you may have tasted it already. Be sure to request in advance as some seafood are seasonal and highly demanded which affects the supply.

5. Hospitality!

It’s not a cliche when people around the world mention that we are a friendly set of people. It really is true! We have our ancestors to thank for that since many of them were raised in strict and traditional homes that focused on the importance of respect, manners and education. Our people understand that Tourism is the #1 industry in the country so to ensure that the future generations can still have a country to call home it is important that we treat our visitors like family. So don’t be surprised by the spontaneous gestures, it’s in our nature to be hospitable.

Bahamas, Out Islands

6. Direct Flights!

It’s no wonder our bridal couples have come from Canada, United States, UK and Europe – you can fly direct in most cases. And if you plan ahead of time you can seal in a great deal on ticket prices. Plan away! There is no such thing as planning too early. We are waiting to hear from you and to get started on what will be an amazing celebration with family and friends.

7. Native Fruits!

Fresh grown pineapple for breakfast? Tamarind sauce for your freshly baked bread? Or maybe some juicy mangos to make a smoothie or colada? There are too many ideas to list here but the Bahamian fruit and beautiful flowers and trees make the the country a colourful and oh so deliciousplace to live. It’s even better as a backdrop to your wedding or an ingredient for your reception dinner. Don’t be shy and pick a few off of the tree.

Bahamas, Out Islands

8. Entertainment!

From local coffee bars to city nightclubs to 5-star restaurants with Jazz music or even a live calypso band there is so much you can do on the different out islands. Sip on a Bahama Mama cocktail and dance in the streets to the Friday night FishFry. A social phenomenon that allow tourists and locals to have fun, meet and greet and unwind from a long day perhaps even travelling. Visit the local bars for karaoke nights, open-mic competitions and Junkanoo music. Hop on a party boat with friends or a private yacht and sail into the sunset. If you feel adventurous take a tour on the ocean and go deep-sea diving and fishing. Grab your lover and go horse back riding on the beach. There is something to do for everyone.

Best Times of the Year to Get Married in The Bahamas

The geographical location of The Bahamas enable us to experience over 315 days of sun each year, making it wonderful for outdoor weddings. The rainy months are from May through October, which is also the high time for hurricanes to occur. The climate is similar to southern Florida, with a high in the low 80’s F in the summer months (Jun- Sep) and a high in the low 70’s in the winter months (Dec-Feb). The best months are those not during the rainy/hurricane season and those are November, December, January, February, March and April. You can choose to get married any month and any time but you must consider the weather conditions. We will ensure you have a back-up plan in any event.

Bahamas, Out Islands

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