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Cayman Islands

Veronique Bise

The only truly honest way to understand what Veronique is passionate about, is to immerse yourself in a letter. Just one letter. It is the 23rd letter of the alphabet. It is the start of all things magical. It is the first letter of what this site represents. It looks similar to an “M” if you stand on your head!

It is “W”.

Look out for it’s stated, it’s understated, it’s extravagant, it’s vivid, and it’s bewilderingly delightful  appearances below. It will pop up in the most expected and unexpected places.

Veronique  is the owner and operator of Weddings By Vero, carries the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant™ and is a member of the famous Association of Bridal Consultants. Veronique proudly supports the wedding industry and its numerous professionals.

She was born and raised in Switzerland, and speaks both French and English fluently. Veronique established and ran a successful chain of children’s fashion retail outlets, supplying products, merchandising and organizing fashion shows in Lausanne. Five years later she decided to move to the Cayman Islands where she has resided for over eleven years. Veronique lives on this magnificent, destination, wedding island with her husband, two daughters and three Yorkshire terriers.

Veronique successfully launched a Personal Concierge service in Cayman, and soon after, an all inclusive wedding Planning Service, in order to follow her dreams and passion.  She commits her entire self and energy to the weddings she organizes, and enjoys spending long hours and days planning every single detail for her Bride and Groom’s Big Day. She suffers from ‘weddingitis’, and is absolutely addicted to everything about her passion.

With many weddings now ‘under her belt’ and an unending passion for the industry, Veronique has become a self styled wedding expert on the island and the opportunities provided here to make any couple’s wedding, a glowiuos event are limitless.

Best ‘Weasons’ to get married in the Cayman Islands

There are many reasons why a couple may select Grand Cayman over other Caribbean Islands. The islands have been popularized by their many references within books and films to a place of secrets, hidden money and tax evasion! Tom Cruise put the Cayman Islands on the media map with the launch of the film, “The Firm”. What the islands really represent however is an idyllic destination, for a special genre of wedding.

The islands are world renowned as a scuba diving destination. Indeed, many weddings have taken place here with the bride and groom exchanging vows and gurgling their “ I woos!” underwater. Whilst that may be an alternate style of wedding for most people, the island offers some huge, distinct and unique advantages over other similar destinations.

The country’s infrastructure is world class, whether that’s telecommunications, roads, the tourism industry or just the beaches always being in pristine condition. The world demands that even on a wedding trip, communication with the outside world for business or personal reasons is a must and the reliability of the utility services here in Cayman is unmatched when compared to other destinations.

Imagine a beach. Then just keep imagining it. Don’t stop. Keep going. Veer towards the water’s edge and let your toes curl in delight at the lapping of the Caribbean sea, gently bristling over your bare feet. Now keep imagining the beach. Sand, more sand, and yet more, finely grained, soft, white, beach sand. If you are still reading and have not drifted off in to a trance like state, you have just walked the fabulous, world famous , 7 Mile Beach.

Water. H2O. Refreshing. Cooling. Moisturising. Hydrating. Relaxing. If you have not relapsed back in to another trance, then you have just dipped your toes in to the unimaginable warmth of the Caribbean Sea. Its turquoise, clear, periwinkle shade deepens as you move away from shore, to that rich, pure, complex blue. Whether you are enjoying the sun splashing on your face, to living your dream sailing, boating or partaking in one of the many water sports activities offered, you have just been given the tantalizing taste of a destination wedding in Cayman for you and your guests.

What you will notice from the minute you step off the plane or cruise ship to the moment you are dragged kicking and scweaming back on it to go home, are two very distinct feelings. Friendliness and safety. If you have ever walked down a street and been wished a “Good morning” with a big smile, from a perfect stranger, then you are probably in the Cayman Islands. If you have ever walked home late from a fabulous night out dining and celebrating, and not felt any fear or worry, you have just spent a heady seven minutes walking on ‘the strip’ back home to your hotel.

Many of the leading rental car companies are represented here in Cayman and of course, taxis are ubiquitous. If you are flying in from one of those ‘funny’ countries where everyone drives on a weird side of the road however, remember of course that we in Cayman drive on the correct side, the left!

The possibilities are endless. From the casual, intimate and bare feet gathering on Seven Mile Beach to a catholic mass in a beautiful island church; a wedding “pirate style” on a ship, or a garden side gazebo at a 5 Stars resort – everything is possible to make your Big Day a perfect event. welcome: ….to the Cayman Islands.

Whilst Weddings By Vero takes, as you can read, a humourous approach to this important of days, it is really an emphasis on what the day should represent and why the Cayman Islands is unique and special. It is supposed to be a day of joy, fun, expression, laughter, love and a host of other emotions that will be cherished and live on through the captured moments in your minds or on film.

In the fast paced world of living as we do now, Weddings By Vero’s message is simply that the fun and enjoyment of this amazing day is the key driver behind how we want you to experience the overall event and these beautiful islands. The details, planning, support, services and myriad of items to attend to, will be the focus of your planner, Veronique.

www.whateveryouwantyourdaytobe.cayman –    we look forward to welcoming you here.

The most important ‘thing’ to bring with you is you! Your wedding party is not to be forgotten and neither are your guests, of course!

Best Times to Get Married in the Cayman IslandsThe Cayman Islands have what is closer to one season only. Pawadise. Whilst the heavy rains typically occur in October, the islands are beautiful all year around. These summer months tend to slew towards hotter temperatures, more thunderstorms, but the wedding industry here otherwise is a 365 days a year opportunity.

The island is serviced by many airlines and flights throughout the day, seven days a week, and George Town’s Owen Roberts Airport accepts international flights. The facilities are modern and efficient and you will be amazed, from the flight landing to being whisked away by a licensed taxi, how quickly the process occurs. The only delay you may experience is if the baggage carts are not in operation due to heavy snowfalls and ice build-up. That of course has yet to have happened in Cayman.

Venues here are plentiful, professional and equipped to deal with almost any size, style or taste of wedding, from the small intimate, to the grand society event. Like with any popular destination, the date you choose needs to be booked w  (another arbitrary one thrown in just because!) in advance to guarantee you the venue of choice in Grand Cayman. It gets busy here.

My Favorite Properties

Sunset Bay ~ Grand Cayman

Photos by David Wolfe Photography, Grand Cayman

Exclusive seaside wedding venue at Sunset Bay. Located on the southern coast in Old Prospect, this up to 300 person venue is hidden within the grounds of a quaint colonial-style estate featuring panoramic views and sandy beach, all in a lush tropical setting. Totally private with lots of space and a fantastic catering team will tend to your every need.

Cayman Castle ~ Grand Cayman

This gated & walled private estate boasts 450′ of shoreline that includes 200+’ of sandy beach to the south with thatched palapas, beach loungers and kayaks for your use. The Castle also has several luxury and fully equipped villas/rooms available to the Bride, Groom, and their guests. Ideal location for scuba diving, and for those wanting to avoid the crowds.

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