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Faye is the founder and president of Ruby Roads Premium Travel and Event Services. She obtained her MBA from The University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business. She is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese. Faye is an experienced traveler and is passionate about traveling to new countries, learning about new cultures, meeting new people, and creating unique and exciting life experiences.

Faye believes in the world is not so big. It just takes an open-mind and a little adventurous attitude. She brings experience in premium event planning and travel concierging in the China and Western Canada. Her attention to detail, impeccable organization skills, artistic and creative vision ensures YOU an unforgettable wedding experience of a lifetime.

The People’s Republic of China

China is a study in contrasts and surely everyone will walk away from this beautiful country with a wealth of experiences that will live on in their memories for a lifetime. A fabled history dating back thousands of years coupled with its renewed status as a modern day world leader, China offers a blend of the old and the new with the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City representing the past, and a landscape of modern day skyscrapers in all of her major cities forecasting what the future holds for this amazing country and society.


With this move towards modernity however, the Chinese have not lost sight of where they’ve come from and such arts and sciences as calligraphy, ceramics, eastern medicine, and cultural staples such as the opera remain very close to the hearts of her citizens. According to the World Tourism Organization, in 2020, China will overtake France to become the largest tourist country and the fourth largest for overseas travel. China’s romance lies in its mystical culture and the serenity of its natural beauty.


Quick Facts:

Population: 1.3 billion
Language: Standard or Mandarin Chinese
Capital: Beijing
Largest City: Shanghai
Currency: Renminbi (RMB)
Weather: Extremely diverse; tropical in the south to subarctic in the north.


Fun Chinese Wedding Traditions you can incorporate into your special day

• Incorporate the number “9” any way you can. The number “9“ in Chinese sounds like the word that means long lasting or long time. Therefore, the Chinese love to include anything with this number when planning a wedding.
• Conduct a tea ceremony for the couple to honor parents from both sides. It is also a chance for the parents to present the couple with presents or red envelopes of money.
• Use the colors of red and gold. Chinese brides traditionally wear these two colors on their wedding day and they are the predominant color for all things wedding related.
• The Bride and her friends can have a bit of fun at the groom’s expense. The groom’s party or representative(s) arrives at the bride’s house or hotel room to “acquire” the blushing bride. The bride’s friends will not ‘surrender ’the bride until they are satisfied by red envelops of money from the groom’s representative. The good-natured haggling and hijinks are a lot of fun before the wedding.


Top Reasons to Plan Your Wedding or Honeymoon in China

Unique Sceneries

Why settle for the same sunset beach pictures that every other bride seem to have? You are one of kind and your wedding pictures should reflect that. When you decide to tie the knot in China, it is a guarantee your wedding pictures will not be duplicated. Unique sceneries like the Yellow Mountain Love Lock Bridge* will not be found anywhere in the world and it could be the stunning backdrop of your wedding picture for thousands of years to come.


* Couples in love would place a lock on the chained bridge and together throw away the key into the deep valleys of Yellow Mountain. This gesture symbolizes the couple’s commitment to each other.


Ancient Civilization

As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, China stood the test of time. Archaeological studies have revealed that the first light of Chinese civilization revealed itself 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. China has over 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites which are sites that are man-made or natural and considered made significantly contribute to world culture.


Imagine traveling on the same Silk Road as Marco Polo did hundreds of years ago. He discovered a new world and now it is your turn to discover a new world that is the mystical and magnificent China.


Exquisite Cuisine

If mind-blowing culinary experience is high on your list of wedding planning priorities, you will never want to leave this land of enchantment. The Chinese is very serious about their food which is famous for its exquisite, fresh, delicious taste and colourful presentation. It is largely influenced by the local culture, varying widely from one region to the next.


Did You Know: Ice cream is apparently also Chinese food! It was recorded that King Tang of Shang (618-97AD) enjoyed a milk and ice concoction that was later introduced to Europe, specifically in Italy by Marco Polo.


My Favorite Properties

Yangzi River ~ China

Celebrate your special day beyond the beach. A Yangzi River cruise is the quintessential Chinese experience meeting ultimate luxury. It is where you will find culture and romance. At 3,915 miles long, the Yangzi is Asia’s longest river and the third longest waterway in the world. Flowing from the Qinghai-Tihet Plateau eastward into the East China Sea, the river acts as a dividing line between North and South China and is one of the best ways to see all China has to offer. A Yangzi River Cruise will take you through the cradle of China, while giving you the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. The colourful villages or jagged grey mountains rising from the river will be the perfect backdrop for your perfect wedding day.

Just imagine your special day like no other. If you imagine your day is set on exotic distance shores… consider an all inclusive Yangzi River Cruise and wedding for you and your guests.

Quick Facts

Other names:
Yangtze or Yangtse River (wildly used by westerners) or Chang Jiang River (used by Chinese)

• high of 30oC (90F) to low of 10oC (50F)
• Best time to travel: April, May, September and October

Surrounding Destinations:
• Chongqing – One of China’s largest cities
• Yichang – Gateway to the Three Gorges, the largest dam in the world
• Shanghai – Trading, financial and fashion capital of China
• Chengdu – Capital of Sichuan province and the home of Giant Pandas
• Suzhou – Venice of China

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