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Ines is a graduate of the American College of Management and Technology. Upon graduating with high honors, Ines immediately went to work for a five star hotel property in Dubrovnik and it was here that she began to develop a passion for weddings. In 2006, Ines launched her own Wedding and Event planning firm specializing in destination weddings. Since its inception, Ines has organized and coordinated over 150 weddings for couples from around the world choosing Dubrovnik, “the Pearl of the Adriatic” as their destination wedding location. Ines takes great pride in providing impeccable, hands on service to each of her clients and adds that personal touch to every wedding she works on.

Best Reasons to get Married or Honeymoon in Dubrovnik, Croatia

1. Dubrovnik’s beauty has long been inspirationally known and world renowned, even the famous poet George Bernard Shaw said it himself: “Those who seek Paradise on Earth, must come to Dubrovnik”. This says it all and surely you will know what he meant once you visit and experience the picturesque sites this amazing city has to offer. You will be enchanted by its clear blue sea, pristine beaches, hospitality of the locals and that familiar feeling like you are at home, at a first glance. You will always want to come back to it.

2. Dubrovnik is also known under its alias “Pearl of the Adriatic”, as it truly offers you and your wedding guests absolutely anything you may need and want while leaving you without breath with its natural beauty, rich history, culture and romantic alleys. It has been a vacation getaway location for many celebrities including Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourke, Nick Nolte, Steve Buschemi and Roger Moore, to name a few.

3. Today, you can directly fly to Dubrovnik for your wedding from most European and world cities, including New York starting in 2011! You can also fly to Dubrovnik’s local airport from England, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland and Austria, to name a few. This definitely saves a lot of time and money for your guests, making it convenient, easy and even more desirable as a destination wedding location.

4. UNESCO has placed Dubrovnik and its famous city walls in 1979 as a city under their protection due to its incredibly rich cultural and historical heritage and the preservation of the mentioned. You will surely have lots to do around here-learn about our rich history and culture, and for the active vacationer, enjoy paragliding, water sports, diving, and kayaking, or simply sun bath with an occasional swim in the clear blue sea. And you won’t even have to look far to see the fish swimming around you- the sea is just that clear!

5. While walking through the streets of Dubrovnik, you will be able to pick a lemon for your morning freshly squeezed lemonade, a tangerine to have for breakfast, some pomegranate for a fresh and healthy snack at the beach; and pretty much wherever you go- to a local tavern or your private accommodation Bed and Breakfast, you are most likely to be served mostly homemade and home grown produce. Croatians take pride in this so enjoy the organic fruit and vegetables at arm’s reach.

6. Dubrovnik has 2554 sunny hours per year in average. Looking for a sunny destination wedding location? You can’t beat Dubrovnik!

7. Dubrovnik has been a host to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival for over 60 years- concerts under the starry skies, theatrical plays in the most amazing locations you can imagine, and medieval costumed festivals on each cobbled corner! Your guests will have loads of options to choose from on their list of “what to do while in Dubrovnik”.

8. Dubrovnik’s accommodation and restaurant/bar offer an enviable assortment of properties to choose from, indulge at a 5 star hotel overlooking the famous Dubrovnik’s city walls while enjoying a relaxing massage with a glass of champagne, or enjoy the authenticity in one of the local B&Bs in the Old Town up in the cobbled streets. Or maybe a Villa with a pool for your guests, there are loads to choose from! Whatever your budget and preferences are, we assure you Dubrovnik has it all. And when it comes to wining and dining in Dubrovnik, you are in for a treat! We will happily send you a list of “must visit” places to taste the very best Dubrovnik has to offer.

9. Your guests will be happy to visit a place for your wedding week where they will be able to make a vacation out of it- there is something for everyone in this beautiful city. Also, Montenegro is only 30 minutes away and Medjugorje is only 2 hours away if your family wishes to take a pilgrimage trip.

10. After a couple of days of walking through Dubrovnik’s streets and visiting local bars, it will feel like home, Before you depart, you will already be getting exciting at the thought of coming back. You will leave with so many beautiful memories and new friends who will truly be in touch with you for years to come, how could you not come back again?


Laura and Pete
Married August 2010

“I’m not entirely sure where to start! Personally I think Pete summed it up completely when he said in his speech, “Our thanks not only to you but to Marin and all involved with Dubrovnik Events. I’ve found in you a best friend,” and he couldn’t have put it in a better way at all. What more can you ask from the person you put your complete trust in? You have been perfect and we can’t speak highly enough of you.

Back in September 2009 once we decided to marry in Croatia I got on the hunt and emailed a few different companies and none of them responded with the warmth, professionalism and general interest as you did! I remember at first thinking this lady is going to hate all my long winded emails which led from one question to the next but guaranteed you would always answer everything and make me feel at ease and confident that everything was under control.

We were both glad you were there for the ceremony and Pete was quick to tell me how great you were at assuring him that the rain drops were a good sign. To have you there to congratulate us along with our closest friends and family was fitting and I won’t forget it was you that gave us our first congratulatory hug once the confetti was thrown as Mr and Mrs Dewes. I could literally continue to go on and on Ines.

Without you we wouldn’t have had our perfect day, you made it happen and we will be eternally grateful for that. I don’t think any words can fully show our full gratitude.

From the very bottom of both our hearts THANK YOU again and again and again.

Lots of Love,

Laura and Pete
Married August 2010

Boyana and Shaun ~ September, 2010

“Once again, we have to THANK YOU for all your support and amount of work you have put in, in what was meant to be just a small family affair. Our wedding was absolutely amazing and all of our guests were so impressed and touched with all the details you arranged, without us having to even think of them. We could have never done it without you!

Your patience throughout the months of emailing and preparation, changing our minds completely from an island wedding back to Dubrovnik itself, and your knowledgeable advice made our ‘planning’ so easy! All your recommendations were so spot on. From choosing the most perfect location in Dubrovnik Palace, to setting up of a chuppa in the Beach Club, help with our ceremony text, flower arrangements, reception set up and the night club… everything was so perfectly organized and the evening went smoothly, we actually really relaxed and enjoyed it and didn’t have to worry about anything.

Also, thank you for helping us with organizing activities throughout our stay in Dubrovnik and booking dinners and recommending places for us to go and do as a group. Every place you recommended gave us very special treatment, and we felt in the end that we had a ‘wedding week’ rather than a wedding day. It was truly unforgettable!

Ines, I have to thank you especially for all your time and emails and research, prior to the wedding. Everyone in Cape Town thought I was MAD to be organizing a wedding in Croatia, but you made me feel so at ease and I fully trusted all your advice and recommendations. In the end we had a wedding so beautiful, Cape Town has never seen before!

Surely, we are forgetting to mention so many details. You and Marin and your team were just so amazing to us! Highly professional and efficient and no request was too small for you to arrange. We are so grateful for everything you have done to make our wedding day truly memorable and we wish you every success in the future!

With Love,

Boyana and Shaun,
Married September 2010″

My Favorite Properties


Only 25 minutes by regular ferry boat from Dubrovnik, Kolocep island is a haven of peace and unspoiled natural beauty. Restaurant Villa Ruza is the renowned restaurant on the island, free of cars, surrounded by lush tropical palms, orange and olive trees and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.

Villa Ruza indeed is a perfect wedding backdrop venue, offering you that natural authentic feel of Croatia with a scent of romance and complete privacy. You will literally feel like you have your own piece of paradise chosen for your wedding.


Part of the five star Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, well known worldwide for its hospitality, highest levels of service, and high end facilities, we introduce you to the VIP Beach Club. The “wow factor” is ever present at this fascinating beach club, bathed in sunshine from sunrise to sunset and surrounded by perfectly carved rocks and sea.

Your wedding dinner will be enriched with the sound of waves lapping up against the rocks nearby and the moonlight glittering over the sea. You will set entirely new wedding standards when you select this gorgeous property, and we promise that when your guests join you at Vala Beach Club, you will be pleased with the collective “Aaaaah” you will hear as your guests take in the sights that surround them.


The Villa Argentina was built as a gilded private residence at the beginning of the 20th century, and, along with three other private villas, converted into a hotel complex in the 1950s, thus creating an exclusive enclave just minutes from the gates of Dubrovnik’s old town. Attracted by the hotel’s opulence and splendid location, stylish and noteworthy guests began arriving shortly thereafter making the resort one of the most prestigious destinations on the Adriatic.

The hotel presents many options for relaxation and enjoyment, from sunning at the private beach with seaside pool, to exploring the extensive gardens or fine dining with Dubrovnik as a backdrop. A full-service day spa completes the pampered experience, along with an indoor pool and fitness center. The hotel has several restaurants with varied ambiance, from the seaside café, to the intimate Victoria Restaurant & Lounge bar, and the main restaurant with its stunning terrace.


Steps away from the protected UNESCO World Heritage site, the Old City of Dubrovnik, Hotel Excelsior’s Palm Terrace offers a one a of a kind view you will remember for a lifetime. If you are looking for a truly unique venue for your wedding, look no further. Dine under vast palm trees, with the sound of the waves in the background. With exquisite views of Dubrovnik’s world renowned city walls in the background, Palm Terrace is the perfect destination wedding reception location.

Your wedding ceremony will be fully customized also so that it is a perfect reflection of who you are as a couple. Whether you select a religious or civil ceremony, it will be our distinct pleasure to take care of everything for you, so that you can enjoy every moment leading up to your magnificent day in this spectacular and unparalleled location.


This funky restaurant located in the very heart of the Old Town, embraced by old world stone walls yet emitting a new world ambiance, Gils Cuisine and Pop Lounge ensures that both you and your guests will have a supreme experience that will fully engage all of your senses.

Offering French cuisine with a Croatian twist, the highest level of world class service, city walls around you and Dubrovnik’s harbor below, are just a few of this great restaurant’s trademarks. Words alone however, will never explain the exclusiveness of this venue. It’s something you have to experience for yourself and you will the second you enter this amazing location.

Gil’s Cuisine and Pop Lounge has been rated the best restaurant in Croatia since it first opened its doors and is operated by a 3-star Michelin chef. A Destination Wedding reception at Gil’s Cuisine and Pop Lounge takes on a whole new dimension and you will definitely be the envy of all of your friends.

Best times to get married in Dubrovnik:

If spring weather makes your heart sing when everything is fresh and sunshine is abundant, April, May, and early June are perfect times to get married in Dubrovnik. During this period, the city isn’t too busy yet, but that will change by mid June when peak season begins continuing until the beginning of September. Then you are again in for a treat..the beautiful fall sun inviting you to bask in its warmth while sipping a cup of coffee on one of the many medieval terraces along our cobbled streets. For those seeking more of an off season experience, we recommend early October also. If you prefer busy streets and the absolute certainty of sunny days, we recommend you plan your wedding in July and August (peak Dubrovnik wedding season) which is also marked by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival ensuring that you and your guests will have plenty to do and see while you’re here.

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