United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates


Danielle, an English Wedding Planner and Event Coordinator who is also a member of the National Association of Professional Wedding Services (NAPWS), chose to settle in Tuscany in 1982 after obtaining an Arts degree in London. She pursued a career in fashion and art during the 80’s and now specializes in offering a high class, professional service for clients desiring an exclusive and unforgettable Arabian wedding.

Danielle’s close family contact with the United Arab Emirates during the past fifteen years enables Danielle to create an exclusive and authentic Arab wedding experience.

About the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a constititional federation of seven emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm-al Qaiwain, ras al- Khairmah and Fujairah. The capitol and largest city of the federation is Abu Dhabi.

United Arab Emirates

Four fifths of the U:A:E is desert, yet it is a country of contrasting landscapes, from awe-inspiring dunes to rich oases, preciptous mountains, and fertile plains.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates , one of the world’s fastest growing tourist destinations, has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable  wedding  location.  Sun, sand, sea, unbeatable shopping, world class resorts and restaurants, an intriguing culture, and a safe and welcoming environment await you.

United Arab Emirates


It is tradition that the setting of the wedding date  mark’s the beginning of the bride’s preparation for  her wedding.  Her body is annointed with all sorts of traditional oils and perfumes from head to toe.  Her body is rubbed with  cleansing and conditoning oils, and creams, her hands and feet are decorated  with henna and her hair is washed with extracts of  amber and jasmin. She is fed only the best foods which her girlfriends prepare and share with her. Tradionally she is not seen for 40 days except for family members as she rests at home. Fine pieces of jewelry, perfumes, silk and other necessary items are  presented to her by the groom, from which she creates her elaborate trousseau called Addahbia.

United Arab Emirates

The festivities can last up to a week before the wedding night finally arrives, with traditional music and continous singing and dancing adding to the excitement.  Laylat Al Henna is  is a special ladies night where the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with Henna.. Once the bride’s eyes are lined with Khol, her hair perfumed and her hands and feet painted, the bride is ready for her wedding night.

United Arab Emirates


If you are planning to be in the Emirates  during the summer months of  June to September , be prepared for midday temperatures to reach 42°/ 45° celsius or /107°/115° farenheit with quite humid conditions overnight.

United Arab Emirates

The ideal months for celebrating a wedding in the United Arab Emirates is between  November and April when  the temperature is more welcoming, varying from  22°/30°c or 71°/86°f.  Most of your time will be spent inside buildings with efficient air conditioning, so plan to dress accordingly.

United Arab Emirates

My Favorite Properties


Located just 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport, Bab al Shams Desert and Spa Resort  layers Arabian culture with sophisticated style.Traditional architecture, discreet courtyards and shimmering  palm fringed infinity pools combine to present a peaceful, romantic oasis tucked away in the desert sands.

With it’s literal translation from Arabic meaning ” gateway to the sun ” Bab al Shams is   a low  Arabic fort setting, in an around an oasis.

The resort  presents a range of venues ideal for your celebration, from the  discreet falcon courtyard and the Masala rooftop lounge with it’s stunning panoramas to the leafy decks of the garden cafè and the open air Al-Hadeerah  desert restaurant. Imagine  a beautiful aisle amongst the dunes for a sunset wedding blessing or  an extravagant outdoor banquet illuminated by flames and glowing lanterns. Let Bab al Shams Desert & Spa Resort entrall you  with an incomparable desert wedding.


Experience unparalled luxury and comfort amidst the mystic charm of Abu Dhabi’s empty quarter.Ride on camels over sun soaked dunes, soak, in the free form swimming pool whilst desert wildlife grazes in the shade below.

Be inspired by glorious Arabian decor that channels one of the world’s most ancient and revered cultures.

Located in the world’s largest desert, Qasr Al Sarab reveals the pleasure of ancient desert culture, through a unique collection of activities, services and settings.

Celebrate your wedding in the mystical setting of Liwa Desert where the dunes define the skyline and the red sun sets in the distant horizon.


Shangri – la Hotel Qaryat Al Beri is located along a picturescque stretch of private beach, overlooking the strait that separates the mainland to the island. With the stunning view of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque across the water and the sunset glittering in the sea , Shangri -la Hotel sets the perfect backdrop for your fantastic wedding.

Shangri-La banquet venues are tailored to your requirements, from a pillarless ballroom to the romantic outdoors, your big day is guaranteed to be a day to remember.

Shangri-la Hotel luxurious rooms and suites are all furnished in modern Arabic style. Each room has a balcony or terrace providing an ideal setting for striking sunsets and traditional Arabic domes and minarets.

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